So glad i found these guys, I've iven suffering with muscle pain in my back and shoulder for months after a car accident. I've been taking naproxen for the pain, but since ive started with the cbd i dont need to take these anymore.

I work in an office so im sitting down all day which makes the pain worse. I think using the vape is is good because i have to get up to go outside to use it, which lets me get out of sitting down for a bit and stretch my back. I also find cbd helps with social anxiety - how you feel awful in your head in an awkward situation, it takes that away somehow and makes you feel more calm.

Cant recommend these guys enough, great communication and customer service - kept me updated when my starter bundle had been posted, gave instructions on how to set it up, and asked me to keep in touch with how im getting on.
Ali Stoney
Having tried CBD oils in the past and getting good results from them, I thought I would try out a vape liquid after hearing good things from friends. I purchased the starter bundle from Mercury CBD which comes with a ready to use out the box vape pen, and 1 bottle of their citrus punch liquid.

The vape pen is easy to use as it only has one button, and is already set at the correct temperature for you. The citrus punch has a strong sweet flavour similar in taste to a lemon or lime, and it does not taste artificial like other vape liquids I have tried.

I felt the effects of the vape liquid within 10 minutes, a nice calming relaxed feeling. In the past I have used CBD products to help me sleep, so I was hoping this product would offer the same benefits as the oils have. My first impressions of this product were very good, as I woke up the following morning feeling refreshed and alert. I have been using the vape liquid for just over a week now, and am getting the same consistent results as I was with the oils. The vape liquid is great for helping you fall asleep faster, and allows you to have a full night of quality sleep.
Ashley James
Having recently going through ACL reconstruction surgery on my right knee. I was prescribed loads of different medication including tramadols and co-codamols. I was taking these to help the ease the pain and help me with sleep but the effects were making my day to day activities very hard, including grogginess, tired all day and feeling terrible in myself. After reading about the effects of what CBD can do for me I thought I'd give it a go and stumbled across these guys products. After speaking with them on numerous occasions and what I'd gone through I thought I'd give it a go.

A few days later and after using this product on a daily basis I can safely say thier product have made the pain go away and helped me throughout this process. I have now ditched all of the medication prescribed to me and only use this. The customer service has been excellent with these guys in the delivery process and making sure they look after their customers.

I bought the full start up kit with the vape pen included which is a excellent idea as I have no clue on how these pens work. I chose the 1000mg berry blast flavour and am very happy with the flavours taste and the smell!

I can't thank MercuryCBD enough for their products and services, will definitely be using them again and would highly recommend their CBD. Really hope these guys take off!
Sam Bown
Affordable starter pack, the citrus punch is my fave and doesn't leave a horrible aftertaste like other vapes do! This is the first time I've tried CBD, and found that I have been sleeping so much better as I'm usually a restless sleeper and wake up multiple times in the night. Really happy with this product.
Megan South